Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear High School seniors,

 This weekend at work, I was having a discussion about naps with someone.  I said, "Naps are honestly why I dropped out of college."  The high school senior going to college in the fall was sitting near us and was like why is that? In honor of all of the graduations that are going on in these few weeks, I thought I would write a special edition of my blog with some Dos and Don'ts for high school seniors (mostly don'ts).  

I asked around to my friends and came up with a few tips with some help from my friends 

1) DO screen your Craigslist roommates.  Even if you have a friend in common, still get some references because you might end up with a pathological liar with a dog that is also a terrorist living in your basement like my roommate Synna and I did.  Michael McCoy: If you're out there.  You owe us FIVE HUNDRED dollars and we still want to sue you.   
Dovakhin: Terrorist dog by Ivana Goal

2) DON'T spend your days drinking wine and napping instead of going to class.  You're going to kid yourself and say that you can just email the professor and you will pass the exam if you do the readings, but you are lying to yourself.  Especially if you go to a school with small class sizes.   Unless you are taking a class where the grade is 100% based on your final and midterm exams, then you will be SOL.

3) DON'T care about the hype of Greek life.  I got this one from a few of my friends, even those in sororities and fraternities.  If you're in one, cool and I'm happy for you, but don't make it the center of your life or you're going to be that girl/guy at parties years later talking about your "sisters" and "brothers" and someone is going to be like, "Oh wow you have a lot of sisters." and you'll be like, "Oh no it's my sorority sisters." and then there will be an awkward silence followed by pity.  I know, I saw it happen.    

So wise.

4) DON'T feel like you need to be set on a major.  One of the reasons that my college career was so unsuccessful was that I was set on Political Science and about 1.5 years in, I realized that I was not ready to study it for 2.5 more years, let alone deal with it for a living.  I would have been WAY better off if I switched my major then, instead of continuing on, hoping that I would change my mind.

5) DO get a pet.  Even if you live in the dorms, you can probably pull off having an animal.  I had my Mr. Buns for about three years.  He was great when he wasn't chewing on wires, but even when he did, it didn't matter because he was so darn cute!
Mr. Buns wearing his leash!
  6) DON'T build a relationship with your college roommate based on mutual hatred of someone/something else.  I feel like with my first roommate, we only really got along because we hated all of the same things.  That's not a great way to form a lasting bond.  It's going to end really badly with some paranoia and some really mean texts.  My second roommate and dearest friend, Synna and I had a stronger bond based on mutual hatred and mutual interests and mutual hotness and just all around enjoying each others company.  Our relationship might have borderlined on enabling destructive behavior but hey who is keeping track? NOT ME! 

7) DO wear a slutty Halloween costume at least one year.  You deserve it. 

 8) DONT forget to bring a towel with you to the bathroom when you're going to take a shower.  Because then you're going to have to dry off with paper towels or you'll have to put your original clothes back on and that's just awful.  The best method is going to the shower in just your towel.  If that is too much for you, then you need to not be living in a co-ed dorm.  Also don't forget to bring toilet paper to a party! EVER!

9) DON'T go to college for your Mrs. Degree.  Chances are that your education will be worth far more than your future husband

10) DON'T schedule classes before 10.  Unless you are super motivated, you will NEVER. MAKE. IT. 

11) DO utilize office hours.  Most professors are actually pretty nice and want to help you.  I definitely did not utilize office hours because I was scared of professors and look at where that got me.  
From Jezebel.com read more in the link I posted below

12) DON'T dabble in the sketchy frats.  I went to American University.  If you are ever on the Internet AT ALL you probably saw something abut the "Rapey" frat.  If you didn't see it, click HERE.  After finding out the identities of the men that sent those emails, I actually recognized a few of them.  People, there is a REASON that they have a reputation for sketchiness and unsavory behavior.  Don't kid yourself, "Oh I'm friends with them, they would never act that way to me" or "The other fraternities are just jealous so they made up these rumors."  Honestly, the fact that you are okay with them behaving that way towards other women as long as they leave you alone makes me want to throw up in my mouth and all rumors have a base somewhere.  

13) DON'T believe that your college has your best interest at heart.  I'm not going to go into detail, but I firmly believe that you need to look out for yourself.  Question EVERYTHING.  

14) LAST BUT NOT LEAST, College isn't for everyone.  Don't force yourself to do something that you know isn't right for you.  Plenty of successful people didn't go to college and plenty of unsuccessful people did.  Even if college is for you, don't rush it.  I'm almost starting year six and I figure as long as I graduate before my little sister, I'm good. 

Good luck!
xo -Katelyn

ps. Completely forgot to add that the Craigslist roommate from Number One also had a ferret named Skrillex whose cage he never cleaned and I may or may not have released into the wild.  Have you ever smelled a ferret? 
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