Friday, April 10, 2015

New car, green garden and guacamole!

I know I begin every post the same... "I haven't written in a while" and all that.  So I'm going to skip all that and go straight to the post!

I got a car!  My job at Target is only .7 miles away from the house so I haven't really NEEDED a car and I am and will forever be eternally grateful to Peter for dropping me off/picking me up from work when he could.  I've been looking for a car since I moved here in September and now I was finally in a position to get one! I decided to stick with what I knew and I am now the proud owner of a light green 2004 Volkswagen Passat!

I even have it registered and it has plates and everything! I feel like such a real person! So far I haven't driven farther than work and back, not counting the 45 minute drive to bring it home from Gulf Breeze, but I am excited! 

My garden has been moving along pretty well.  Peter and I moved it from the back yard to the front yard.  It looks nice there, especially because it covers up this hole in the ground where a weed the size of a tree used to be.  My spinach and pea plants are done, but everything else is doing really well.  I harvested like half of my carrots on St. Patrick's day to make a vegan Irish "beef" stew (here's the recipe) and I threw some kale in there.  It was super hot and not at all stew weather but it was St. Patrick's day and you have to eat stew on St. Patrick's Day.  

So far I have watermelon, lettuce, basil, zucchini, onions, garlic, arugula, lavender and daffodils planted.   The daffodils all bloomed at the same time and were so beautiful.  I didn't end up getting a picture when they were all blooming, but I did get one eventually.  Sometimes I wonder if gardening is for me.  I am the world's laziest person, after all.  But gardening is surprisingly low maintenance.  You have like a two month window to plant your seeds and you just have to make sure everything stays moist.  However, I have never experienced a Pensacola summer, so that might be easier said than done.  

I even bought one of those little seed pods from Target just because it was so darn cute and I wanted to see what would happen.  It didn't hurt that they were guaranteed to grow.  Pictured below is my cute little watermelon plant! 

I started five tomato plants and five pepper plants about a week ago and they are all popping up! Whenever I talk to my dad about growing things he nags reiterates that I should start my own plants and not buy them because they are expensive.  I'm not going to lie, I bought a tomato plant before (that I ultimately killed by accident) but growing your own plants in tiny little cups is much more satisfying and I hope I'll feel less terrible if I accidentally kill these.  


Speaking of GREEN! I wanted to post a recipe because it's the most fun part of my blog! Well at least it is to me.  I make guacamole a lot.  I make it every time I make tacos or fajitas or even when I just buy a new bag of chips.  So it averages out to being at least once a week.  People have told me that they like my guac so here is my recipe for it!  I started making it this particular way because of an article that I saw on Buzzfeed.  I tried to find it but I can't! I remember that it was written by a chef and that apparently it is authentically Mexican but who knows. It is possibly the best guacamole that you will ever have.  If you like your guac creamy and smooth then you will not like this.  You have beed warned. 

I should have photographed the end product a little better but 1) these red bowls are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, 2) I forgot about halfway through that I was supposed to put this on my blog.  I'll try to make it another time this week and then put a pic on here.  

The best guacamole EVER
2 or 3 avocados
1 cup of cilantro, chopped finely 
1/2 of a white onion. diced
1 jalapeno, chopped finely (optional) 
Salt (add to taste, but I usually add about 1 tablespoon)
the juice of one lime

Begin by adding about 3/4 of the cilantro, salt and the onion into a mortar.  Also add the jalapeno if you are using it.  Use the pestle to make it into a sort of paste.  If you don't have a mortar and pestle (like myself) you can use a bowl and a potato masher.  It's a little less effective but it works pretty well.  Stop mashing when the onions are flat.

Next add your avocados.  I like to add them in slices using my handy avocado slicer that Peter got me for Christmas!  Get your own here!  Once you have it in there mix it up with a fork.  Do not do any mashing.  The chunkier it is, the better.  

Next add your lime juice and more salt and adjust it to your taste.  I usually end up adding way more lime juice and salt than I thought I would be using! So go crazy! Honestly this is about as low maintenance as guacamole gets and it is about as good as it gets too! 

In other news, I have been to the beach like thee times and I haven't even been sunburned once!  The beaches here are so beautiful and I don't think I'll ever get tired of them.  I have always preferred the pool to the beach but I think that's because I didn't think that beaches could be like this! 

Also! I'm trying to make some extra $$ and sell some stuff on  It's basically a resale shop, but classier.  You can sell your stuff yourself and get 100% of the profits or send your stuff into them with a Free Full-Service Kit and they photograph your items for you and list the measurements and stuff.  I opted to do it with the Full-Service Kit.  It took a little longer for my items to get processed than I thought it would but I ended up getting four items approved.  If anyone who knew me in high school looks closely they will recognize my Homecoming dress from senior year.  

You can check out my closet: HERE.  I would recommend using Threadflip if you aren't having luck on Craigslist or whatever.  

ciao ciao! 

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