Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things that I've learned - Part One

While a lot of my friends are getting engaged, married and having kids (three pregnancy announcements in the past week), I sit and think... wow, what have I done in the past few years? Anything? Well, I dropped out of college, thanks to what I now affectionately refer to as my "Emotional Breakdown", I owe tens of thousands of dollars in debt and I moved back "home" to Naples, Italy.  Although this might seem as a regression to some, I have actually grown and learned a lot from the experience. 

Here are just a few things:

1) Just because some things come easily to others doesn't mean they will come easily to you.  I have friends that breezed through college in four years, some did it in three and here I am... on year five.  My father, who I think is brilliant (and not just because he's my dad) still has me proofread some of the things that he writes for work.  If you could get a college degree for good spelling, then hot damn I would have a P.h.d. but you can't and here I am. 

2) Assigning blame isn't going to help.  Figuring out who or what caused your problem could be a useful exercise in not repeating the same mistake, but dwelling on it and never moving on is going to get you nowhere.  Your boyfriend cheated on you, you blame the slut with the big boobs that he slept with.  But then you blame your boyfriend for trying to get it in.  Then you blame your boyfriend's parents for bringing him into this world and not instilling in him a healthy respect for women.  Where does it end? Fix your problem and move on. 

3) Eating a plate of french fries isn't going to make you fat.  I found myself in a constant cycle of, really want french fries, debate whether I want french fries for hours, eventually decide that I want french fries, inhale french fries, feel bad about it for hours.  It's just a really bad time.  Sometime over the past year or so it just clicked that I can eat some french fries every once in a while and not be in danger of going a size up.

4) Reading never gets old.  Read more.  Everyone. 

5) Drink more wine. Everyone.
more to come
ciao ciao! -K
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