Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recipe Thursdays - Vegan Mac and Cheese

I get about two days off a week.  Sometimes three if I decide I don't want to deal with douchebag customers.  Lately, I've been trying to use my days off for constructive things.  If I was a normal person, I wold probably be using them to clean the monstrosity that is my room or to study for my classes, but because I am definitely not normal I am using it to knock out some of the >1000 recipes that I have on my Pinterest boards.

I have three main boards that I pin on.
Vegan Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes
Things I have actually made

I've been trying to move things over to the "Things I have actually made" board.  So far I have 14.  I have made the resolution to make at least one recipe a week.  This week I chose the "Mac n' Yeast" recipe from the Bake and Destroy vegan cookbook.


There were a few things that I noted about this recipe.
1) I needed to add water as the "Cheezy sauce" cooked because it would get too thick, I think that in the future I might add almond milk instead.
2) I wish that I added Sriracha sauce or Tabasco sauce to the "Cheezy sauce".  Instead I added it afterwards and it was still a really good addition.
3) I used Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce.
4) I used some random vegan margarine that I found at Carrefour yesterday.  I am curious how it would have tasted if I used Earth Balance instead.
5) Last but not least, I used premade bread crumbs because I'm lazy.  Next time I would like to use my own!

I doused it in Sriracha sauce and it was amazinggggg.  I would compare the flavor to a really sharp cheddar.  The yeast gives it a bite.

Overall I would rate this recipe as follows.

Flavor: 7/10
Ease: 7.5/10 (with 1 being difficult and 10 being super easy)

Next week, I look forward to trying a cashew-based vegan mac and cheese because I have about three pounds of cashews sitting in my house that I bought for this very purpose a few months ago and I still haven't touched them. 

Ciao Ciao! Katelyn
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