Thursday, February 6, 2014

Recipe Thursdays - Roasted Seitan Fajitas

Last week I got bored on one of my off days and I decided to make some seitan.  I love seitan.  People make fun of me all the time and say, "Oh I thought you meant Satan." Haha, that joke never gets old... oh wait.... yes it does.


This is the recipe for seitan that I use.  It's insanely easy.  I'm not picky about my seitan.  Even if it's a little over or under cooked, I'm still going to eat it, because it's still pretty delicious.  I haven't even tried any other seitan recipes because this one is just too easy and too good.  You don't have to deal with any boiling or any cheese cloth.  You just mix it all up and roll it in parchment paper and bake it and you're good to go.  

As I was gathering my ingredients for the seitan, I noticed that I also had the necessary ingredients to make FAJITAS.  Remembering that seitan fajitas is a recipe on my Vegan Recipe board on pinterest, I saw an opportunity and I took it.

Roasted Seitan Fajitas
I followed this recipe basically to the letter.  I think I would have used less sugar in the future.  Also, I added about two tablespoons of nutritional yeast to the dry ingredients. 

My Italian oven is so small that I have to put things diagonally if I want them to fit usually. 

Doesn't that look GOOOOD? I rolled it in a whole wheat tortilla with melted vegan cheddar cheese and some salsa. It was amazing.  I died. A million times. Everyone should try it! It's amazing and delicious and SO easy! 

I would rate it as follows 
Taste: 9/10
Ease: 7/10 

Ciao ciao! Katelyn
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