Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

So it has been MONTHS since I wrote on here.  I'd like to say it was because I am just too busy, but in reality I don't have that much going on.  I'm always doing something, but it's not exactly news worthy.  However, I've realized that no one's life is crazy exciting like a movie and that you should appreciate the little things.

Let me update everyone who is interested in my life with what it's like right now:

1) I work at Target.  I was a seasonal employee at Target, which basically means they reserved the right to fire me after the holiday rush was over.  The other day I was informed that they would like to keep me!  So I am officially a Target employee (given I pass the 90 day probation period).  I am Katelyn from Target.  I guess the NEX taught me something about working in retail after all.   However, it's part of my job to get people to sign up for a RedCard and I am so bad at it.  People think I am trying to trick them.

2) I have hit a lot of bumps in the road in my quest to have a plant-based diet.  If you put me in a room with Cheez-its, I'm probably going to eat them.  It's one of my biggest weaknesses.  But I'm working on it.  For Christmas, I got a bunch of vegan cookbooks to add to my collection!
Part of my impressive collection!! Not pictured is my new favorite, Vegan Eats World! 
3) I've gotten pretty experimental with my food-making! For Thanksgiving, I made a seitan mushroom wellington with puff pastry and the other day I made a vegan spanakopita using filo dough.  Working with intimidating ingredients is kind of like running.  I've noticed I have to work up to it.
seitan wellington with sunflower seed mac and "cheese"

4) Speaking of working out, I started to work out! I'm doing the Tone It Up Love Your Body Challenge.  I'd never really heard of the Tone It Up program before, but I really like it! My favorite thing about it is that every night they post the work out for the next day.  The biggest reason that I don't exercise that much is because I run out of ideas for stuff to do and I just give up.  The Tone It Up community is also really big so there's a lot of support.  I'm not quite ready to get on board with the nutrition plan (No starches past 3? No thank youuuu) but I'm really enjoying exercising more.

5) We found a dog! Peter found this dog in the front yard and it was almost morbidly obese and her teeth were very clean so I figured that she belonged to someone.  We posted that we found her on Craigslist and on the Pensacola lost dogs website.  She ended up staying a night (we put her in the playroom which is all tile) and within like twelve hours I had five phone calls from people notifying me that someone had posted a "Lost Dog" ad without seeing my "Found Dog" ad and we got it all figured out.  But she was fun to have around!

6) I finally tried one of the vegan restaurants in Pensacola!  Peter and I went on a date to Sluggo's which downtown and we got seitan buffalo wings as an appetizer and I got the walnut veggie burger and Peter got a seitan barbecue sandwich.  Everything was so good! Especially the wings.  I still need to make it out to End of the Line Cafe, but soon! I enjoy shopping at Ever'man's when I get the chance, especially because they have VEGAN HOT POCKETS.

7. My garden is doing really well! My tomatoes died, because I didn't cover them up one night and it was my bad and I feel really bad about it.  My beans also suffered a little frost bite, but they bounced back and they're doing well.  I probably should have followed the directions for the spinach and kale and placed them farther apart, but they're still doing well, I can't wait to plant my spring garden!

Since my last post, I turned 23, I got a 4.0 in my last semester of classes, I am forty followers away from 1,000 followers on Pinterest and that's about it! So basically my life isn't that exciting, but I plan on getting back into posting more regularly!
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