Thursday, January 2, 2014

First post!

I had a very eventful New Year's Eve in Rome, Italy where I knocked a few things off of my bucket list.  Get in a fist fight in front of the Spanish Steps? Check! New Year's kiss that I actually remember and am not ashamed of? Check!

After all of this excitement, I decided to do what the world has basically been begging me to do... start a blog.  Okay so maybe no one has been begging me, but I live a pretty interesting life that I'm sure a few people would like to read about.

I'm a 22 year old American living in Naples, Italy.  I've been here for about 12 years, nine if you don't count the three I spent doing undergrad in DC.  My Italian isn't as good as it should be but I make up for it by embracing the Italian culture-- especially the wine and crazy driving.  I've recently made a commitment to be vegan, which is extremely difficult considering the pizza and the pasta and variation of cheeses here but I'm trying! 

I plan on posting my Italian adventures and vegan recipes complete with suitable wine pairings!
Ciao ciao for now!

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